Currently, pressure for rapid changes and increased competitiveness are placing ever higher demands on the workforce, as well as on personnel management.

Our employees are represented in nearly all branches of the economy. We can help you overcome problem periods of fluctuation in demand, without your having to change your core personnel.

We are building primarily on a foundation of professional quality, our wide range of services, and on fair business relations.


  • Immediate solutions to workforce shortages
  • We provide the employee search and selection process instead of you
  • We can provide nay amount of workers, based on your requirements for skill and knowledge levels
  • We can provide you with day or night workers for the times you need, 365 days a year
  • We can replace workers immediately, in the event of dissatisfaction with a worker’s performance
  • We save costs on Payroll and HR recruitment of employees
  • We reduce administration and personnel costs
  • We arrange accommodation and transport

As a provider of personnel services in the Czech Republic, and in co-operation with companies in Central Europe, we are in a position to grant companies greater flexibility to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities available in the face of international competition, and to maintain their position on the market.